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How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

To whom do I report my accident?

Do I need to obtain more than one estimate?

What if additional damage is found on my vehicle after repairs have begun?

Will I need a check from my insurance company when I pick up my vehicle?

I have been hit by another party; and their insurance company has accepted responsiblity for the damage to my vehicle, do I need to have a check before I can schedule my repairs?

Do you waive deductibles?

Kustom Kraft's turn around times have been rated among the best in southern California, according to the latest 2014 insurance surveys. However repair times vary from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, a repair estimate is written and parts are ordered before your vehicle arrives at the shop. Upon drop-off, repairs begin immediately on vehicles with insurance clearance and parts available. Disassembly will show any "hidden" damage, which is handled as a supplement to the insurance company. After the body work is completed, painting begins, followed by reassembly and if necessary, road testing. Finally, the vehicle is cleaned before returned to the owner.

Your insurance company or agent will collect the information regarding the claim and set up a claim file for you. He or she will provide you with a claim number to reference your file by and inform you how much your deductible is. Once your claim file is set up, Kustom Kraft Collision Center will work directly with your insurance agent ensuring your claim is handled efficiently and that the process is seamless.

No, the state of California requires only one estimate by the shop of your choice. If insured, you are only responsible for your deductible. All quality collision repair shops have pre-determined prices with the insurance companies.

Kustom Kraft Collision Center works directly with your insurance company to process your claim. If additional damage is found on your vehicle, Kustom Kraft Collision Center will bill these costs directly to your insurance company ensuring that you are never put in a situation where you owe more than your deductible.

Cash or credit card payment for the amount of your deductible will be all that is needed to pick up your repaired vehicle. A Direction to Pay will be signed allowing Kustom Kraft Collision Center to bill your insurance company directly for the portion of the repair bill that they are responsible for. Payment will then be sent directly to us. Kustom Kraft Collision Center does not accept personal checks for payment due on repairs.

After you set up the claim with your insurance company, all you need to do is provide Kustom Kraft Collision Center with your claim number. We will obtain approval to repair your vehicle and the check for the repairs will be sent directly to Kustom Kraft Collision Center when repairs are completed. All you will have to do is sign a Direction to Pay form authorizing payment for the completed repairs.

Deductibles cannot be waived. To waive a deductible means to prepare an estimate charging for work not performed. This is never done and

is illegal.


Will Kustom Kraft Collision Center contact my insurance company regarding my claim?

Kustom Kraft Collision Center will handle processing the claim and communicating with the claims office for you. Since we are able to send the estimate directly to their claims office, your insurance company will review our estimate and a written approval will be E-mailed to us usually within 48 hours. This will allow us to begin repairs on your vehicle, with your consent, as soon as we

receive approval.

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